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Vote for Alan Sprintz
for Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board At Large, Seat 1 on November 5.

“Alan worked with me for many years. In fact, I recruited him to rescue a hospital system that was in deep trouble, and he did so with tremendous success. He earned great respect from everyone around him, always listening and participating. He helped all he touched. An absolute credit to the hospital and a major asset to the community.”

Gail L. Warden
President Emeritus
Henry Ford Health

Empathetic leadership.
Experience in community hospital management. Elect Alan Sprintz to the SMH Board.

Alan knows —
• Best practices in healthcare, firmly grounded in scientifically sound, peer-reviewed approaches
• The most pressing challenges and responsibilities of the CEO, doctors, nurses, and administrative and support staff
• How to manage finance, create quality, exceed standards, and set strategic direction — all critical mandate of an SMH
board member

• How board members must guide our hospital to deliver ever- expanding, patient-centered care — so our entire community

can thrive.

A well-governed hospital benefits us all.


Alan's Election!

Make a contribution with the button below, OR make a check payable to

Elect Alan Sprintz

and mail to:

PO Box 1496

Sarasota, FL 34230-1496

Alan Sprintz has spent his entire career in hospital administration. That's why we must elect him to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board on November 5.

Alan distinguished himself when he was recruited by Kaiser Permanente to build, staff, and run a major medical center in Cleveland and later a nonprofit teaching hospital in Chicago. Previously he held positions at the The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Drawing on his many qualifications and extensive experience, if elected Alan will work to preserve and enhance the high quality of Sarasota Memorial Hospital, applying peer-reviewed, scientifically sound best practices in hospital management and leadership.

An 18-year resident of Sarasota, Alan earned an MBA in hospital administration at The George Washington University. He is married to his college sweetheart Dale and has two children and three grandchildren.

Alan has handled virtually every management challenge and opportunity a hospital like ours might face.

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